Where to start with fitness

Let’s talk about the very complex world of fitness. The one full of lies, dogma, manipulation, falsehoods. But let’s get away from that negative talk. We can do better than that.

Let’s talk about navigating through the world of fitness despite all of the confusion. I’ll try my darndest to simplify it for you. First of all, I will never talk in absolutes (<---see what I did there?!) I won’t say “you must do this,” or “this is the only way.” Instead, I prefer to use carefully crafted phrases like, “this is the best way,” or “it’s helpful to do this.” This is because I truly believe that there are exceptions to nearly everything. And your fitness goals and the ways to accomplish them are just as unique as you are.

So, follow along as I start a post series about how to create realistic goals and how to accomplish them.

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