conquer the holiday Hustle!

Hustle is a 9-week series that combines many styles of high-intesnity training like Tabata, HIIT, AMRAPs, and EMOMs. You'll utilize and master full-body, functional movements to simultaneously build strength and improve aerobic capacity.


program extras

  • Personalized pre- and post-series fitness and goal assessment

  • Personalized weekly bonus workout that may be done in addition to class

  • A private Facebook group with bonus material designed to help you conquer the holiday Hustle!


additional information

  • Hustle is ideal for both those new to exercise and those who have years (or decades!) of experience.

  • You must be able to stand and perform continuous movements for up to an hour. You must also be able to perform exercises on the floor. Concerns with starting a new exercise program should be cleared first by your physician.

  • You will learn baseline movements and modifications for movements as needed so that you can participate as completely as you like in each session. This series emphasizes learning and using proper form over competitiveness.

  • While you do not have to participate in every training session, you will receive more benefits with the more sessions that you attend.

  • All exercise equipment required for the series is provided.



  • Times and dates TBD

  • Series runs from November through January at Yoga Melrose studio, for a total of 18 sessions

  • 25-35 minutes each session

  • Minimum of 4 participants, maximum of 6 participants (first come, first serve)

  • $160 for the whole series

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